The Company


Connecticut Lead Services (CLS), years in the making, was officially formed into business in 2018 by longtime friends Dave Mattei and Brian Santos. The friendship started on a baseball field as youth coaches for our oldest boys, now in their 20’s but then just 4 years old (baseball at 4, crazy huh). More boys and a lot more baseball followed. Somethings never change like driving all over the state for baseball then and driving all over the state for lead inspections or a round of golf now. We couldn’t wait for that next baseball game and sure enough we are looking forward to the next lead inspection or RRP class these days!


The company is headquartered in the quintessential small town of Bethany. Our lead consultant license - CT DPH License # 2109 - allows us, as certified lead inspectors / lead risk assessors, to inspect both residential and commercial buildings throughout Connecticut for the presence of lead-based paint.


Lead inspection is a broad term and this can lead to confusion. Finding a professional that can understand your needs as well as the Federal and State regulations that guide the lead industry is crucial. We succeed only by listening to our client and balancing their request with regulatory requirements. Sometimes those requirements can end up altering a scope of work. We take this approach so everyone is satisfied in the end. Visit our Lead Paint Inspections page to get an idea of some types of lead inspection work we offer! 


The Team

Dave Mattei - CT DPH Certified Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor


Dave brings over 25 years of construction experience and a smile to every job. Understanding the parts of a building that make up the whole, along with the experience of more than 500 lead inspections and risk assessments, has propelled him to the top of the field. Dave’s role in starting CLS is to head of our field operations team. He is dedicated to making sure we are on-time, we are efficient and above all, that we are competent.

Brian Santos - CT DPH Certified Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor


 Brian spent 10 years as an approved (CT DPH, EPA) training manager and principle instructor for those wishing to engage in lead related activities before starting CLS. This included teaching classes to those wanting certification as lead inspectors, lead project planning and design, lead abatement, OSHA lead awareness and lead RRP work. Brian has been doing lead inspections for over 8 years but his real strength is in the classroom as our principal instructor for EPA-RRP certification classes.